JULY 30 – AUGUST 7, 2023

Wyoming BDR Tour

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Your tribe awaits … join this amazing BDR!

Explore the stunning sights of Wyoming on this exclusive excursion

The Wyoming BDR begins Sunday, July 30 in Baggs, Wyo. and wraps on Monday, Aug. 7 in Burgess Junction, Wyo. Details of the trip still are in progress, but rest assured thatthis will be a world-class trip where you don’t have to worry about anything but enjoying the ride.We handle all accommodations and amenities between the time you arrive and the time you complete the trip.

A wonderful, concierge-like experience for a group of 8-10

On this trip, you’ll have a complete support team riding with you, with at least one support rider in the lead and one in the back of the pack. We’ll also be carrying all of your gear in the Support Truck that will be following the group. Don’t worry if your bike breaks down along the way, because an experienced member of the Support Team can jump in to conduct roadside repairs. And if your bike requires more significant attention, we’ll hoist it onto the trailer and haul it to the shop, and you’ll ride one of the backup motorcycles we’ll be carrying on the trailer.

Everything is handled for you

When you and your fellow riders arrive at the motel at the end of each day’s ride, youalready will be checked in and your bags will be waiting for you in your room.Your only difficult choice is whether to first head for a hot shower, or opt to relax with a drink at the bar. We handle everything.

More about the Wyoming BDR

The Wyoming Back Country Discovery Route (WYBDR) spans more than 1,000 miles of stunning Wyoming landscapes and is comprised of mostly unpaved dirt roads that wind through mountains, canyons, grasslands and deserts.

How difficult is the route?

Intermediate to expert experience is recommended, and if you have completed the Austin Moto Adventures training class, you should be good to go. The Wyoming route is broken down into several sections, each varying in length and difficulty, and riders will experience a variety of landscapes and terrain. There are winding mountain roads, steep canyon passes, and wide open plateaus.

What will I see along the way?

The route passes through some of Wyoming’s most beautiful and remote wilderness, including the Wind River Range, the Powder River Basin, and the Bighorn Mountains. The route also provides access to some of Wyoming’s most iconic landmarks, such as the Devils Tower National Monument, the Grand Teton National Park, and the Wyoming Dinosaur Center.

Who maintains it?

The route is maintained by an amazing volunteer organization called the Back Country Horsemen of Wyoming (BCHW), who work their buns off to keep the route in good, safe condition.

JULY 30 – AUGUST 7, 2023

Agenda for Wyoming DBR

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JULY 30 – AUGUST 7, 2023

Registration and Payment for Wyoming BDR

Spots on the tours are limited, so register to reserve your place now. Not sure about your schedule? You canreserve a spot with a $1,000 depositthat can be applied toward a future tour or class, or refunded if requested early enough.

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