Aug. 20-30, 2023

Continental Divide Tour

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An amazing 11-day Colorado excursion

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After arriving in Montana and spending a day riding through Glacier National Park, this 11-day ride will take you through some of the most stunning scenic vistas in the United States. From Montana, the ride continues into Idaho, Wyoming, and then through Colorado, where it culminates at Durango, Col. All the details and the stops are still to come very soon, but this undoubtedly will be one of our most popular tours.

What is the Continental Divide Trail?

From the deserts of New Mexico to the alpine peaks of the northern Rockies, the Continental Divide Trail winds its way through the stunning and diverse landscapes of the central United States, a ribbon that ties together many of the defining moments and movements in our nation’s history.

The trail stretches across the United States some 3,100 miles between the borders of Mexico and Canada, twisting and turning to follow the spine of the continent. The dry, sandy deserts of New Mexico slowly rise into the breathless peaks of Colorado, descending into Wyoming’s grassy plains and the mystical landscape of Yellowstone. The trail then moves along the forested mountains of Idaho and Montana before ascending the tall, sharp, rocky peaks of Glacier National Park, with the Canadian border on the horizon.


What is the Continental Divide?

It's all about the flow of water. Here's a quick lesson.

What is the Continental Divide?

Imagine a line running the entire length of North and South America, from the northernmost point of Canada to the Strait of Magellan at the southernmost tip of Chile. This imaginary line runs north to south along the very highest elevations of these continents, connecting the peaks of the Rocky Mountains with the Andes in South America. Rain or snow that falls on these peaks will flow either to the east or to the west down the slopes of these mountain ranges. Water that flows to the west of the Continental Divide typically end up in the Pacific Ocean, and water that flows to the east eventually reach the Atlantic Ocean. Because of this, we say that the continent is divided along this line.

AUG 20-30, 2023

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AUGUST 20-30, 2023

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