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Join us on America’s beautiful off-road trails

What to expect on an Austin Moto Adventures tour

The main idea of the BDR tours is getting the rider onto the off-road locations that often are too far to hike, and not accessible for even four-wheel drive vehicles. The result is that you get tosee places that many people never get to see.For many of the BDR tours, you can expect a variety of intermediate challenges, from dirt or rocky trails, to smooth tarmac roads.

For many trips, we stay in motels along the way, but for some trips we do camping along the trail. Regardless of the nature of your ride, Austin Moto Adventures handles all the logistics for you, including motel reservations, food, any special permits required (such as for national forests), and more. We even can provide a motorcycle for rent.

You focus exclusively on the trail

Each ride has one of our riders at the head and the tail of the pack, to ensure complete safety. We also have a support truck and trailer that accompanies each ride and carries all luggage and bags for participants. This support vehicle rides ahead to each destination to check riders into their motel and have everything ready for them when they arrive. Our motorcycle and support vehicle riders are in communication by radio at all times to ensure there are no issues with accidents or equipment failures.

What happens when a bike breaks down?

If a bike needs repair, our roadside mechanics typically can fix almost anything along the trail. If a bike needs a more significant repair, we put it on the trailer and haul it in for repairs. It’s all aboutgiving the rider the best possible experience and ensuring they get back onto the trail as quickly and safely as possible.

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